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15 checks for a good fall cleanup

Make sure to follow these 15 checks for a good fall cleanup, so you have peace of mind on the season!

1. Checking and Cleaning Gutters: Leaves fall heavily during autumn and there's a chance they'll fill up your gutters. Make sure the check if they're clogged and clean them out to prevent water damage to your house.

2. Raking Leaves: Regularly rake your yard to keep it clean and healthy. Collect the leaves in compost bags to use as mulch for your plants or garden.

3. Preparing Plants and Trees: Trim and prune your plants and trees. Remove any dead plants and prepare them for the incoming winter. Fertilize and water them accordingly.

4. Cleaning and Storing Outdoor Furniture: Clean your outdoor furniture and equipment like grills, patio umbrellas etc..., and arrange to store them inside or properly cover them for protection.

5. Checking House Exterior and Roof: Check the roof for any damages and address them promptly. Look at your home's exterior, primarily the siding and windows for any cracks and gaps. Seal them to prevent heat from escaping during winter.

6. Preparing HVAC System: Check if your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit needs a service. Replace your furnace filter and consider a professional air duct cleaning to remove allergens and dust.

7. Checking Safety Devices: Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries, if required. Check your house's fire extinguisher as well.

8. Cleaning Carpets and Rugs: Fall is a great time to deep clean your carpets and rugs to remove the dirt and allergens they collected over the summer.

9. Cleaning and Organizing Garage: Remove any summer items from your garage and store them properly. Make space for winter essentials like shovels, salt, etc.

10. Preparing Garden Tools: Clean, organize, and store garden tools. Sharpen them if needed and store them in a dry place.

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15 checks for a good fall cleanup

11. Checking Walkways and Driveways: Check your walkways and driveways for cracks and damages. Repair them before winter to prevent further deterioration from freezing and thawing.

12. Sealing Windows and Doors: Seal any drafts on your windows and doors to ensure your house stays warm in the winter. If necessary, consider thermal curtains or double glazing for your windows.

13. Checking Chimney and Fireplace: If you have a fireplace, make sure your chimney is clean and everything is in working order before you start lighting fires in the winter.

14. Storing Summer Clothing: Wash and store spring and summer clothes, pulling out the warm clothing for winter.

15. Check your emergency supplies: This includes food, water, and any medication you might need in case of a power outage during the winter storms.

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